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From:Christian Mack Date:May 26 1999 10:59am
Subject:Re: Maintenance of mySQL Database
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Rico Albanese wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> This may be a dumb question, but I am a relative newcomer to SQL servers.
> We have an application that I have written that has a web interface to a
> mySQL server.  This application does the usual things, add information to
> the database, does lookups of the database etc.
> My question is, do I have to do any maintenance on the tables or the
> database in order to keep it running well (apart from run isamchk -a and
> isamchk -r)??
> Thanks for any advice given.
> Rico

Hi Rico

You have to look at least for the mysql error log from time to time.
If you have logging on (update or full) you have to logrotate, to prevent mysql from
exhausting your diskspace.
Also every DB admin should make backups from time to time.
How often depends on the changing frequence of your DB's.


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