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From:Mike McLagan Date:March 17 1999 9:37am
Subject:libmysqlclient.a is broken
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   I finally resolved the problem I was having with mod_auth_mysql.  I was less 
than impressed with the lack of response from any quarter about the problem, 
but I continued to see what I could find.  It comes down to something being 
broken in libmysqlclient.a.

   Using the RPMs for devel and client for 3.21.32a from tcx, I was able to 
build a mod_auth_mysql without needing to include -lgcc.  This loaded up into 
apache, accessed the database, authenticated users and allowed mod_perl to 
continue to function.

   Using 3.22.8-beta, I got a failure to load the mod_auth_mysql because of a 
missing 'lstat'.  I don't understand this, but it's not relevant other than I 
wasn't able to track down which specific version of libmysqlclient starts 

   Using 3.22.16 -> 3.22.20 I have to include -lgcc to get the thing to link 
and load into the server.  However, once it's loaded it screws up Apache to the 
point that calls to mod_perl cause the server to segfault within libperl.a.  
The reason that -lgcc needs to be specified is that '__ucmpdi2' comes up as an 
undefined symbol without it.

   I don't know where in the libmysqlclient.a code that is referenced, or what 
is referenced in the lib that references something that contains that little 
gem, but once you compile mod_auth_mysql it appears.

   RedHat 5.1, glibc-2.0.7, apache-1.3.4, gcc  

   Mike was here...

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