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From:Sasha Pachev Date:May 25 1999 4:25pm
Subject:Re: Asking Questions Effectively...
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Fred Read wrote:
> Not wishing to offend anyone, but as a regular participant
> on this and a number of other mailing lists, the manner in
> which a question is asked often dictates the type of reply.
> Section 2 of the manual [see URL below] "2. MySQL mailing
> lists and how to ask questions or report errors (bugs)" is
> an excellent guide to the most effective way to ask for
> help.
> The best ways *not* to get an useful reply to your query
> include;
>   * Posting the same query two or more times in a
>     short space of a time [several minutes or even
>     hours].
>   * Not giving enough information to fully describe
>     your problem.
>   * Posting in a foreign [no english] language.
>   * Being abusive.
> Ways to encourage people to reply;
>   * Choose a meaningful subject eg: "Problems compiling
>     3.23.0 under Solaris 2.7" and not "HELP!!!!!!!!!!!"
>   * Be polite.
>   * Follow the procedures outlined in the manual...
> Things to remember;
>   * This is an international mailing list and your plea
>     for help goes out to thousands of people WORLDWIDE.
>   * Be polite, everyone here is a volunteer. None of us
>     gets paid to answer your questions, we do it out of
>     the goodness of our hearts...
>   * Although the mailing list language is English to
>     many people English is a foreign language.
>     Try not to "nit pick" over English usage, grammar
>     and spelling even if it is a "pet peeve" of yours
>     [as it is of mine].
>     I for one know most other people's English is better
>     than my Swahili!
>   * It may be midday where you are but the person who
>     can help you might still be asleep!
>   * Do not repost your message and start getting annoyed
>     just because no one has answered within 10 minutes.
>     The majority of people won't even have *seen* your
>     message by then.
>   * Only repost if you haven't seen your message on the
>     list after a reasonable period of time [six to eight
>     hours] or if it appears and no one has replied after
>     two or three days.
>     Anything less makes you look impatient and possibly
>     arrogant - Help me! my problem is more important
>     than your time!
> I hope the above points and the relevant manual section
> ""
> will prove useful to everyone.
> Apologies if the above has offended anyone, it wasn't
> intended to...
> Let's all work together to make this list a helpful
> place for MySQL users everywhere!
> --

Amen to that! Very helpful suggestions. Let us all
follow them.

Sasha Pachev (home) (work)
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