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From:Gerald Clark Date:May 24 2000 2:05pm
Subject:Re: Restoring databases
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Dennis Kent wrote:

> Well, I managed to "fine tune" my Mandrake 7 Linux system into oblivion, so I used
> the opportunity to upgrade from MySQL 3.22.25 to 3.22.32 via RPM.
> My databases aren't very big, so I have just copied them to a zip drive, and I have
> always been able to copy them back into any new installation of MySQL I had made.  They
> now reside under /var/lib/mysql.  It isn't working this time.  The client sees the
> databases just fine, but when I try to USE one of them, I get the msg "Didn't find any
> fields in table 'xxxxx'".

Yes, check permissions on the files.
Make sure var.lib/mysql and all subdirectories are readable, writable, and searchable by
the user mysqld runs under.
Make sure the mysqld also has read and writ privileges on all the files in each databases

For a quick test do :
chmod -R 777 /var/lib/mysql

If this works, you can tighten it down later.
Remember when tightening it down, that everyone needs rw access to the socket file.

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