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From:David Sklar Date:May 24 1999 7:39pm
Subject:Re: Database distribution
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> Has anybody ever been able to use MySQL on a network
> cluster of Linux (or maybe not Linux) machines? If you
> have, could you share your experience and tips for
> setting it up.

We do this for TVGrid.Com. Because a lot of the data only changes once a day 
(when we get new TV listings information) we have a cluster of database 
servers behind a Cisco LocalDirector to provide failover and load balancing of 
queries across the cluster.

When we get new data in the wee hours of the morning, we process it and insert 
it into tables on a staging server. Then, the table files are copied to the 
live database servers using rdist. They are copied to a temp directory, not to 
the live database directory. rdist runs a program after copying the tables 
that, for each table, LOCKs the table, moves the table files into the live 
database directory, and then UNLOCKs the table.

This is sort of a special situation because we have so much control over how 
the data changes -- for the data that users can edit at any time (personal 
preferences, etc.) obviously this sort of thing doesn't work.


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