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From:Steve Lihn Date:May 24 1999 6:58pm
Subject:Re: Help me!!!!!!!!!!
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You need all the table names listed in from clause.  so it should be

select t1.cols from t1, t2 where t1.nregisto = t2.ninterno

Mysql (older version ?) does not allow subquery, otherwise you can do

select t1.cols from t1where t1.nregisto in (select t2.ninterno from t2)

The later may be what you have in mind.

Steve Lihn
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Chris wrote:

> > mysql> select * from t1 "where t1.nregisto = t2.ninterno";
> > ERROR 1064: parse error near '"where t1.nregisto = t2.ninterno"' at line 1
> > ------------------------------------------------------------
> > Why is there an error?
> Cristina, don't put quotation marks in your query. It should look like
> this:
> select * from t1 where t1.nregistro = t2.ninterno;
> --Chris
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