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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 23 1999 6:45pm
Subject:Re: MySQL Speed on Linux
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>>>>> "Verle" == Verle Harrison <batterywholesale@stripped>
> writes:

Verle> Dear Monty and The List:
Verle> Does this also apply to compiling MySQL on FreeBSD?

Verle> Do you have a suggested configure line for it or should we use a binary that is
Verle> on site for FreeBSD?


I don't know if pgcc works on FreeBSD Intel, but I can't really see
why not!  I would definitely try it out if I where you!  In this case 
you should use the same configure options that the MySQL manual
recommends for Linux and pgcc.


PS:  Sorry for the late reply;  Until 1999-06-01 (when we come back
     from USA), my replies may be a bit delayed.
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