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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 24 1999 2:46am
Subject:Re: DESCRIBE gets put off by selects on BLOB
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>>>>> "Stefan" == =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Stefan M=F6hl?= <ISO-8859-1>
> writes:

Stefan> Hello again list!
Stefan> My appologies for the typo in the subject, I blame it on lack of 
Stefan> sleep...

Stefan> I have received a couple of suggestions. One was to try converting 
Stefan> the BLOBs into TEXT, but that didn't help. Another suggestion was to 
Stefan> put something like SUBSTRING(BlobAData,1,500) or LEFT(BlobAData,500) 
Stefan> around all my BLOB-fields. That did it for my simple example, but 
Stefan> unfortunately it doesn't work for a larger more complex database. It 
Stefan> seems as if it does work as long as the upper limit of the substring 
Stefan> is always _below_ the length of the shortest substring (i.e all BLOBs 
Stefan> must get cut off) but I haven't been able to verify this properly. It 
Stefan> does work for the simple example even if the upper limit does not cut 
Stefan> off the BLOB-fields, but not for a larger database. :-(

Stefan> /Regards,
Stefan> Stefan Möhl <essett@stripped>


I think this is a bug in the select distinct code;  This will be fixed in
MySQL 3.23 (the new MyISAM can use UNIQUE/DISTINCT on anything, even

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