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From:Douglas Brantz Date:May 22 2000 12:56pm
Subject:Starting Mysql at boot
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I just installed the latest mysql on my Mandrake 7.0 Linux Thinkpad 390E
and can't seem to get it to start at boot.

After checking the list I found this info about adding a line to my
/etc/rc.local file.

/bin/sh -c 'cd /usr/local/mysql ; ./bin/safe_mysqld &'   no are these
(')  really double quotes?

I use the bash shell and I have added the /usr/local/mysql/bin to a PATH
statement in .bashrc  which seems to allow me to access mysql commands
in any directory after the server is started.  If I don't start the
server first I get the can't connect socket 111 message.

Anyway, I am new to all this and know that the .bashrc, /etc/profile and
rc.d is important but not sure where to place the line to start the
server everytime the computer boots up - I would like this to be global
startup so do I need to add this to my `/etc/my.cnf' file?



Another question I have is about using PHP3 or CGI/PERL  I have just
install PHP3 and am using it to enter and access data from Mysql.  Are
there any preferences to using PHP3 or DBI CGI-PERL scripts and why?
Are there security issues or other limitations with PHP3??



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