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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 23 1999 7:42pm
Subject:MySQL and RAM Requirements
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>>>>> "Alexander" == Alexander Maret <maret@stripped> writes:

Alexander> Hi,
Alexander> we installed a MySQL DB on a FreeBSD 3.1-Stable system.
Alexander> The system has 64MB ram and 128MB swap. The db we wanted
Alexander> to test MySQL on is about 70MB of size. If I do a 
Alexander> "Select * from <table>" mysql uses 103MB of memory and
Alexander> doesn't stand another sql query. Now here is my question:
Alexander> What are the system requirements for a db with about
Alexander> 1GB of size? Or: how can I adjust ram-usage? Is there
Alexander> any config option to limit ram usage?


If you do 'Select * from <table>' in your client, you are asking it to 
get everything from the table and keep this in RAM!

Using the 'mysql_use_result' function instead of 'mysql_store_result'
(or starting any of the standard MySQL clients with --quick) should
fix this.

The memory that is needed is of course largely depending on what kind 
of queries you do;  MySQL should work good with as low as 8-16M of memory,
but more memory will of course speed up things.


PS:  Sorry for the late reply;  Until 1999-06-01 (when we come back
     from USA), my replies may be a bit delayed.
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