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From:Brandon Shuey Date:March 17 1999 4:57am
Subject:RE: DB Snag
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If I could install to c: and put my data on e: I would be a happy man!  Does anyone know
how to do this?  I have not seen reference
to this in the documentation.
HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!
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    From: Kent Johnson [mailto:kent@stripped]
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    Subject: RE: DB Snag

    That does suck -- can you not install to c: and then move to e: ?  Or can you have the
executables on c: and just put the data
on e: ?
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        From: Brandon Shuey [mailto:brandon@stripped]
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        To: Kent Johnson
        Subject: DB Snag

        I have a snag.  The install for the mysql does not give you an option to install
on a drive.  It just puts itself on the c:\
drive.  I originally set up my E drive to be the beast.  I guess I'm going to have to
re-format my machine in order to get this
thing to work.  THAT SUCKS!

        I have an email a mail list and I'm going to check the bookstore for that book
before I do this becuase there could be some
bad consequences of attempting to backup - re-partion  and restore.  I don't even want to
think about it.

        Brandon Shuey
        WebCentric Inc.
        (316) 612-8030

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