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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 24 1999 12:47am
Subject:mysql_install_db hangs on Sun
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>>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff Holt <JHolt@stripped> writes:

>> Description:
Jeff> 	After pulling binaris off your site and following the installation instructions.
>  I reach the step to run ./scripts/mysql_install_db.  I run the script and it runs up til
> I see this:
Jeff> 	Creating columns_priv table
Jeff> It then uses up to 99% of the CPU and does nothing.  I then kill the process
> manually.
Jeff> EX:
Jeff> 20725 root 1 50 0 5824K 3576K run 1:14 96.50% mysqld

>> How-To-Repeat:
>> Release:	mysql-3.22.22 (TCX binary)

The above binary has been compiled and tested on our Sun Solaris
machine; At least on this it didn't have this problem!

For the moment, the only thing I can suggest is that you get a copy of 
egcs 1.1.2 (from and use this to compile the MySQL
source distribution yourself.  This should work without any problems!


PS:  Sorry for the late reply;  Until 1999-06-01 (when we come back
     from USA), my replies may be a bit delayed.
mysql_install_db hangs on SunJeff Holt19 May
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