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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 24 1999 1:27am
Subject:Memory usage of libmysqlclient
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>>>>> "list" == list  <list@stripped> writes:

list> Is it true that libmysqclient does not free all memory it has used on
list> behalve of the client when the first database is opened?
list> I consumes about 168 bytes after a database has been accessed and closed for
list> the first time. The second time the same access has finished it doesn't
list> consume any more, it stays at 168 bytes. Is this correct or am I forgetting
list> some free function? (I do mysql_free_results() and mysql_close() .. I also
list> fetch all results because I'm using mysql_use_result()).


I am not aware of any memory leaks in libmysqlclient.  Why do you
think there is a leak and do you have any test programs that I can run 
to verify this?

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