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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 24 1999 2:02am
Subject:Dropped connection timeout
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>>>>> "Vlad" == Vlad Shalnev <vlad@asv> writes:

Vlad> Hi, All!
Vlad> I make Delphy -> MyODBC -> Mysql (UNIX) application. The problem is long
> timeout 
Vlad> (nearly 1 minute) while ODBC driver detecting that connection is dropped. Can I 
Vlad> decrease this timeout ?


I am not aware of any such problems.  This could of course be a bug in 
the Winsock library and in this case this may be rather hard to fix

MyODBC does a simple write on the socket port; In normal cases the
socket should directly detect that there isn't anything on the other
end and time out.  I don't know how to test for this porperly (or even 
if this is possible)...

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