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From:Fred Read Date:May 24 1999 2:56pm
Subject:Re: feature request -- rows_visited
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Vivek Khera wrote:
> >>>>> "EER" == Erik E Rantapaa <rantapaa@stripped>
> writes:
> EER> For instance, in the following update statement:
> EER>    update table set a = 'x' where id = 123;
> EER> if no rows were modified one doesn't know if that was because
> EER> there already is a row with id = 123 and a = 'x', or if the
> Hmmm... If you do such a query on the mysql command line, it does tell
> you how many matched and how many were modified.  This implies that
> the API provides some method to do this, as the mysql client is just
> that -- a client written using the API.
> So, at worst, you would read the sources to the mysql program to see
> how it accomplishes this task.  I'm sure the manual also has info on
> it.

mysql_info () perhaps?

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