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From:Fred Read Date:May 24 1999 2:43pm
Subject:Re: How to relational two tables in mysql?
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Cristina Durana wrote:
> Hi all!!!!!!
> I need to know how to make a relationship between two tables 
> in mysql, where the first table have the strutured for the
> books(registers) and the second table have data from people 
> that will receive information about the register(s) that 
> contains information about the subject choosen.

In order to link the two tables they need to share a common 

Without knowing your application it is rather difficult to 
advise. Perhaps, in your example, nregister could be added 
to table two? Data could then be retrieved;

    "where t1.nregister = t2.nregister"...

May I suggest sections 1.7 and 1.8 of the manual [see below 
for URL]? The first book mentioned is recommended reading & 
looking at the "examples and source" will assist you should 
you start coding.

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How to relational two tables in mysql?Cristina Durana24 May
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