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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 18 2000 9:59pm
Subject:Re: CONVERTING (FileMaker)
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At 2:21 AM -0600 05-18-2000, Brian T. Allen wrote:
>PHP & MySQL make an excellent combination for databases for the web.
>Converting shouldn't be a problem, but someone will need to learn PHP and
>MySQL, of course.
>Filemaker should be able to export to a tab separated text file, then you
>can use that to import into MySQL (once you have created your database
>Hope that helps,
>Brian Allen

If anyone's interested, I have some Perl scripts (requiring DBI) that
read "merge" format files from FileMaker.  One reads the column labels
in the first row and the rest of the data in the file and guesses what
the CREATE TABLE statement should be for your data.  You can edit it
to add indexes, etc., then shove it into mysql to create your table.
Another reads the file and generates INSERT statements from it.  It
looks at the structure of the table and the columns in the data file and
adjusts for mismatches.  Another script reads MySQL tables and generates
merge files from them (for re-import back into FileMaker).

>We have a database in Filemaker 5 and 4 and i am wondering if we can convert
>at the back end to mysql?
>Th efront end in Filemaker looks good for the net but is not powerful
>What are your suggestions?
>Kind regards
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