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From:Devraj Bhanot Date:May 24 1999 7:14am
Subject:RE: A Little Off topic
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This can be achieved using different ways. 
1. You can use Cookies to save the values, if it is often repeated to
fill in the other 2 fields.
2. You can write a Client Side JavaScript code using PHP or any other
server side Script you are using such that, it's fills up an array with
the possible values and then match the value entered in first field and
pick the corresponding values from other two arrays. This would require
large page but would eliminate Page Refreshes.
3. Or you can design it like that the page calls another script when
first field is filled (can be coded in onChange event of that field) and
the called script process the value and return back to this page.

If need more explicit help please write directly.


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> Hi
> I am creating a dB application using MySQL. 
> When a user fills out a form I want to know if the following is
> possible:
> The form has 4 fields talking to two tables ...
> When the first field is completed on the form, then the user tabs to
> the
> next, I want a script to look into one of the tables to see if any
> other
> details exist for the record and to fill in the next 2 fields on the
> form
> automatically, then the user can tab to the last field and simply
> complete
> the last field ...
> The rest I know to update or insert etc.
> Would this be javascript? Does anyone have anything similar? Does this
> make
> sense?
> Thanks for all help.
> Regards
> Darren
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