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From:<unknown Date:May 23 1999 2:01am
Subject:Re: mysql, perl and IMG({src=>/cgi-bin ...} - a question
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This may seem like a stupid answer, but are you printing the proper
content-type header?  If you don't know what I'm talking about, try
putting this at the top of

print "content-type: image/gif\n\n";

(or jpeg instead of gif).

tani hosokawa
river styx internet

On Sun, 23 May 1999, Hermann-Marcus Behrens wrote:

> Hello,
> **this is more a perl question, than a mysql-question
> i'm using perl with the latest mysql-db. i stored images in the mysql-db
> without any problem. I have a problem, writing the correct html/perl code,
> to show these images embeded in a html-page. The code looks like this:
> img({src=>"/cgi-bin/"})
> The perl-script then makes a SELECT and prints the raw, retrieved data. And
> this is not working for me. i allways get the broken picture symbol. Do i
> have to write a specific html-tag first, or do i have to change the data, i
> selected?
> thanks in advance,
>  Hermi
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mysql, perl and IMG({src=>/cgi-bin ...} - a questionHermann-Marcus Behrens23 May
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