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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 21 1999 7:35am
Subject:Re: mySQL 3.23 - question
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Kenneth> It appears MySQL 3.23 is out and available, but, when I look on the main web
> site and
Kenneth> other mirrors, I cannot find a downloadable source package or any reference
> (except
Kenneth> for a documentation reference).  I've looked in patch directories on ftp sites
> --
Kenneth> nothing specifically labeled MySQL 3.23.

Kenneth> So, where does one acquire MySQL 3.23?  (Am I looking in the wrong place ?)

Kenneth> Ken Cobler


Sorry but 3.23 isn't yet out;  We intended to release it just before
going to Linux EXPO, but at the last stage we noticed a fatal bug
that we have to correct before doing a release.  We will release 3.23
as soon as we come back (after 1999-06-01) and has verified my latest
additions to 3.23 with our test suite.

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