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From:Van Date:May 21 1999 8:24pm
Subject:Re: A Little Off topic
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Depending on the security issues your site has, what I've done using
cookies is a little less work.  The application I'm using is hosted on the
same server as the mail server at a company, and, it authenticates
employees who have a valid mail account be default.
Using a password field on a form (HTML 1.0), I'm sending that value in the
post, via php.  
I do a php exec("finger",$uname), to ensure the email user exists, first.
This is only done the 1st time they access the secure site, since, I'm
letting them assign their own password (using a custom table rather than
Once, the email user is validated, I use the mysql password function to
encrypt the original password sent from the browser.  
With the username/password pair, I send a cookie back to the browser with
a one-hour expire time.
In the actual form interface, I've created a log out option that basically
expires the cookie.
Let me know if this sounds useful, and, I'll send some code snippets.

Linux rocks!!!

On Fri, 21 May 1999, Christopher R. Jones wrote:

> We just created an application which does what you are looking for.  We
> used Perl, CGI to create the pages with information from a MySQL database.
> We used Javascript to update the coming fields as the user works through
> the items.  The problem with CGI is that there is no channel open to the
> server, once the page is sent the script is finished.  Therefore, you have
> to store all possible outcomes in the form either as Javascript variables
> or as hidden fields.  Depending on how many options you have, this could
> get complicated.  
> The other way to go is through java, an applet that communicates with a
> serverlet that access the database.
> >Hi
> >
> >I am creating a dB application using MySQL. 
> >
> >When a user fills out a form I want to know if the following is possible:
> >
> >The form has 4 fields talking to two tables ...
> >
> >When the first field is completed on the form, then the user tabs to the
> >next, I want a script to look into one of the tables to see if any other
> >details exist for the record and to fill in the next 2 fields on the form
> >automatically, then the user can tab to the last field and simply complete
> >the last field ...
> >
> >The rest I know to update or insert etc.
> >
> >Would this be javascript? Does anyone have anything similar? Does this make
> >sense?
> >
> >Thanks for all help.
> >
> >Regards
> >
> >Darren
> >
> >
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