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From:Dan Nelson Date:May 11 2000 9:16pm
Subject:Re: Importing records from a text file
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In the last episode (May 11), Thimble Smith said:
> On Thu, May 11, 2000 at 09:52:33AM -0700, CURTIS David wrote:
> > I have a text file that is delimited by length and I wish to import
> > it into mysql.  I see in the manual that there is a good method for
> > comma delimited files.  Unforunately this is not my case!  Is there
> > a method for importing a file based on field lengths.  Should I do
> > some grep magic - or import into a program that can add commas(,)
> > and quotes ("") around the fields.  If this is well documented
> > somewhere, please direct me to the area
> MySQL won't import fixed-length fields.  You might try something like
> this to fix it up:

Sure it will - here's a manual snippet:

   * If the `FIELDS TERMINATED BY' and `FIELDS ENCLOSED BY' values are
     both empty (`'''), a fixed-row (non-delimited) format is used. 
     With fixed-row format, no delimiters are used between fields. 
     Instead, column values are written and read using the "display"
     widths of the columns.  For example, if a column is declared as
     `INT(7)', values for the column are written using 7-character
     fields.  On input, values for the column are obtained by reading 7
     characters.  Fixed-row format also affects handling of `NULL'
     values; see below.  Note that fixed size format will not work if
     you are using a multi-byte character set.

So you just have to make sure that the field widths in your datafile
and your table match.

	Dan Nelson
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