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From:Devraj Bhanot Date:May 21 1999 10:17am
Subject:RE: MySQL with a website???
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Thanks for the information, actually I am using it for my informative
web site so I was only aware of that. 

I'm quite new to this, and would appreciate help from fellow programmers
on the list.

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> On Fri, May 21, 1999 at 02:41:04PM +0530, Devraj Bhanot wrote:
> > Another thing I understand is that you don't need to PURCHASE mySQL
> as
> > it's available free for variety of platforms. If you go for Apache
> > webserver, mySQL Database and PHP Scripting engine then your whole
> > package is avilable for free!!!!
> It's free for individual and educational use.  Read the license
> information for details.  If you're using MySQL for your business,
> you should purchase a license.
> Tim
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