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From:Dan Nelson Date:May 10 2000 10:27pm
Subject:Re: Platform choice
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In the last episode (May 10), indrek siitan said:
> > Linux will let you take advantage of SMP. FreeBSD supports large
> > files.
> um, I haven't had a chance to play around with a SMP machine on Linux
> lately, but I doubt they've catched up that quickly. at least a year
> ago the power boost of SMP was uncomparably bigger on FreeBSD - the
> kernel compilation on FreeBSD took about 65% the time after dropping
> in another CPU, whereas on Linux it took about 80-85% the time it
> took with a single CPU.

What Sasha was referring to was SMP and threads;  Linux will be able to
use both CPUs for mysql, where FreeBSD will only use one.

	Dan Nelson
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