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From:Thimble Smith Date:May 21 1999 2:06am
Subject:Re: Can't startup mysql daemon
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On Thu, May 20, 1999 at 05:32:57PM -0700, Pan Hong wrote:
> I'm new to mySQL.  I couldn't restart the mysql server after I set a
> password for root user in the database. I'm working on FreeBSD 2.2.8
> with mySQL 3.22.22.

FreeBSD threads have a problem with signal passing.  The threads
don't receive signals properly, so 'mysqladmin shutdown/kill'
don't work.  You have to use 'kill -9 $PID' to kill things.

Do a mysqladmin flush-tables before stopping your daemon.

I haven't gotten to test this with the latest FreeBSD threads
yet, but I think it may be fixed by now, if you use -STABLE
instead of 2.2.8.

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