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From:Kyle Hayes Date:May 9 2000 11:42pm
Subject:Re: Bug with delete still exists !!!
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On Tue, 09 May 2000, sasha@stripped wrote:
> Ok, I've verified the bug. Here is a very simple test case:
> use test;
> drop table if exists foo;
> create table foo ( word char(25) binary  not null primary key)
>  delay_key_write = 1;
> load data infile '/usr/dict/words' into table foo;
> select word from foo where word = 'a' or word = 'b';
> delete from foo where word < 'l';
> check table foo;
> Monty and I will have a race on who can produce a patch faster. He knows the
> code better, but I am going to have a head start :-)

Does this bug bite with other than delayed key writes?


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