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From:Thimble Smith Date:May 21 1999 12:44am
Subject:Re: Removing MySQL to re-install *help*
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On Thu, May 20, 1999 at 11:36:48AM -0700, Robert Sabin wrote:
> ok in regards to the previos post I was just informed that the last admin
> for out server installed MySQL and after not getting it to work manually
> deleted all the files. My problem no is that when i goto install MySQL it
> says that the files conflict with existing files but when i goto those
> directories those files don't exist. I also tried to uninstall based on
> previous posts with no success. It simply states that MYSQL is not
> installed. Is there an area to manually clear out a file that contains the
> information preventing the new install?
> Please reply asap as i have been racking my brain with this way too long.

I think this is an RPM question more than a MySQL question.  I don't
know RPM well, but since no one else has answered yet I'll take a stab.
I think there's an option to force a package de-install with RPM.  Since
the files are already gone, it seems like RPM should be able to clean
out its package list to allow you to re-install.  I think the man page
for rpm(?) should be your guide to success.

If you're really stumped, you could install from the source tarball.
If you do everything with RPMs, this might not be you preferred way
of doing things, but it would keep you from hurting your brain any
more than is necessary.

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