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From:<unknown Date:May 20 1999 7:36pm
Subject:Re: no threads left
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I had this problem about two weeks ago, and it turned out that the machine
was running out of available processes.  Try increasing NR_TASKS.

tani hosokawa
river styx internet

On Thu, 20 May 1999, John Tester wrote:

> We are running a website which relies heavily on getting information
> from our mysql database (authentication, data, preferences). We recieve
> approx. 5,000 hits per day which is moderate, but because of the
> intensive database calling associated with each hit, it is probably
> equivalent to 30,000 hits per day.
> The Problem..
> Almost every 3-5 hours (but at no specific interval), the Mysql
> (3.22.22) database server goes down reporting that it could not create
> any more threads "..probably due to an OS bug, or no available memory".
> However, everytime I check, there is plent of memory available yet I
> can't even run mysqladmin (can't make a thread to connect to the
> database).
> We use apache 1.3.4, mod_perl, DBI-Mysql, Mod_auth_mysql, perl 5.004_04,
> and Mysql 3.22.22.  I have tried upgrading and downgrading, and ensuring
> the mod_perl scripts are careful to close the connection once finished,
> but still no luck.
> The only way I can fix this is killall -9 mysqld systematically.
> We are running this all on linux 2.0.35 (Redhat 5.1), if anyone has any
> help or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> John Tester <test@stripped>
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