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From:Doug Chanco Date:May 5 2000 6:19pm
Subject:Re: slashdot
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Ed Carp wrote:

> Van (vanboers@stripped) writes:
> > Mark Maggelet wrote:
> > >
> > > are you saying that and deja and slashdot all use MySQL?
> > >
> > Mark:
> >
> > No, go to and search for MySQL.  About 3 - 4 months ago the pennies /
> > hit was .03, it's now much higher.  An indication of growing use and/or
> > interest.
> I don't know about the others, but I know for a fact that slashdot uses MySQL.
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Hi all,
    What is the deal with all the MySQL bashing in that slashdot article???  I
understand that commit/rollbacks are nice to have and that transaction loging is
great too (which I see MySQL does) but why are they bashing it so much??  Calling
the developers either "liars" or "clueless" just because it does not do these
things is silly.  I mean if they are not happy with MySQL why not just not use
it???  Why do they have to bash it into the ground??  Personally I use MySQL at
work (call tracking) and at home on my personal box and it works just
fine.....expecially since I now know about transaction logging.  I just can't
understand why people have to bash things that they are not happy with OR jealous
of.  From the article and its responses you would think that MySQL is trying to
push into the banking or other critical aplications when all it really is doing is
providing a fast, fairly reliable, easy to, use free database to the public.
AND I FOR ONE THANK ALL THE DEVOLOPERS of MySQL for the fine product they have
developed and hope that they continue to modify and improve MySQL.



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