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From:Shem Date:May 5 2000 5:36pm
Subject:Installing MySQL 3.22.23 on Sol2.7
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We're trying to install the .gz.tar file of 
mysql-3.22.23-sparc-solaris2.7.gz.tar on our unix server, but during the 
decompression, the decompress always terminates with a "tar checksum" 
error.  I noticed that on the initial install page from, the page 
makes mention of this error and suggests that a file called "gtar-sparc" be 

My problem is that I do not know what the "gtar-sparc" is.  There is no 
extension on the file when I downloaded it.  I tried "gunzip, uncompress, 
tar [GNU v1.13], but the file type is never recognized.  Could someone 
explain to me exactly what the "gtar-sparc" file is supposed to be and how 
do I use it to correclty decompress the mysql<os_type>.gz.tar dist files.

Shawn S.
University of Chicago

Installing MySQL 3.22.23 on Sol2.7Shem5 May
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