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From:Christopher R. Jones Date:May 20 1999 11:59am
Subject:Re: MySQL with a website???
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What platform are you going to use, NT, Linux, Unix,,,???
There are great webservers available for all these.  I use CGI and Perl for
generating all dynamic webpages and I have MySQL as the database.  Perl
works well with MySQL.  The one advantage to perl is that is it
interpreted.  You don't have to recompile a program every time you change it.

I use Personal Web Server on my NT machine for developing and testing.  The
actual web server is Apache.  Another great web server for NT is xitami.

If you are an experienced programmer and you haven't used Perl, the
learning curve should not be too steep.  I started with Perl about 6 months
ago and I began developing a Perl/MySQL web application about 4 months ago.
 The application works great thanks to the efforts of people on this
mailing list.

>Hello All...
>I would like to create a professional website with a backend database.  If I 
>use do I pass data back and forth between the web server and 
>I know I need a web server (software).  I design my HTML pages with an HTML 
>editor like Homesite by Allaire...heard it is good.  I place my HTML files
>the web server.  I create my database with MySql and my database resides on 
>the database server which is MySql.
>Now, I have to get the web server and MySql to talk to each other.  How do I 
>do this?
>In this scenerio I would need to purchase a web server, Homesite, and
>Do I need anything else?  Remember I want to design serious professional 
>websites with a database.
>Please, only professionals respond to my email address FirstSelec@stripped
>Thanks, Paul
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