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From:Thimble Smith Date:May 20 1999 7:46am
Subject:Re: MySQL with a website???
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On Thu, May 20, 1999 at 03:23:53AM -0400, FirstSelec@stripped wrote:
> I would like to create a professional website with a backend
> database.  If I use do I pass data back and forth
> between the web server and MySql???

Hi, Paul.  You're asking a very broad question, and you'll
probably get many varied answers.  First of all, it is definitely
possible to create professional web sites using MySQL as a
database server.  MySQL is a commercial database with the best
support.  It's faster than anything else out there.  It can be
accessed from a variety of programming languages (from C++ to
PHP).  I'm just a user of MySQL, like you (hopefully) will be
soon, by the way.

> I know I need a web server (software).  I design my HTML pages
> with an HTML editor like Homesite by Allaire...heard it is
> good.  I place my HTML files on the web server.  I create my
> database with MySql and my database resides on the database
> server which is MySql.
> Now, I have to get the web server and MySql to talk to each
> other.  How do I do this?

Connecting the web server to MySQL can be done in many, many
ways.  If you use the Roxen web server, you can use its embedded
SQL language.  If you use Apache, you can use the PHP or
mod_perl+Embperl modules to do the same thing.  Any web server
will support CGI, and with that you can of course use any
programming language that has MySQL support to write your

> In this scenerio I would need to purchase a web server,
> Homesite, and MySql?  Do I need anything else?  Remember I want
> to design serious professional websites with a database.

You might need to hire a programmer.  Programming a database app
is not trivial.  Even an "unprofessional" web site whose content
is dependent on a database will require a lot of experience to
set up.  Depending on your definition of "professional", you may
need to hire several people.

> Please, only professionals respond to my email address
> FirstSelec@stripped

It's generally not wise to limit your audience when asking for
help.  I know there are several amateurs who read this list that
know more than the average professional.

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