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From:Jim Faucette Date:May 20 1999 5:59am
Subject:Re: autonumbering
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sean hynes wrote:
> Does mysql have an autonumbering system where if you delete row 6 it will
> start on 7 as the next record?
> And how do you start an autonumber at 9900? thanks

No. This and other variations of auto_increment are on the TODO list.
Currently people needing this create a table with a num field, then:
LOCK table with num field
UPDATE table with num to num + 1
SELECT num from that table
UNLOCK table
use value in the insert into your primary table

> What are people's thoughts on having different tables with the same column
> names where the columns are joined in a one to many relationship.
> Like agentid = agentid. I know you can reference using agentid.table1 and
> agentid.table2 but what is the standard way
> of doing it?

Actually it's table1.agentid = table2.agentid. Of course if you're using
a LEFT JOIN you can (...FROM table1 LEFT JOIN table2 ON agentid...).
These are the standards.

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