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From:Jeff Morrow Date:March 17 1999 12:09am
Subject:Mode setting on my_mkdir
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In mysql_create_db (in sql/, a new directory is created with mode
0700.  Is this intentional?  It seems to me like the mode should be either
711 or 755, since the table files inside each database directory are
world-readable, but can't be accessed due to directory permissions.

My MySQL server needs to be backed up over a network, but the NFS-mounted
directories won't allow my backup script to read the database files until I
go in and change each directory to world-executable by hand.

Is this an oversight or an intentionally strict security model?  If the
former, then I think that the directories should be created with mode 755.
If the latter, then the .ISD, .ISM, and .frm files should be created with
mode 500.

Jeff Morrow

Mode setting on my_mkdirJeff Morrow17 Mar
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