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From:Richard van Hees Date:May 19 1999 12:35pm
Subject:mysql-3.22.22 on a HP...
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According to the documentation I should be able to compile MySQL-3.22.22 on my
HP, running HPUX-10.20, using egcs-1.1.2. However, after running:

        ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/mysql --with-low-memory
(as recommended! 
 Note that by default I use gcc and g++, changing g++ to gcc doesn't help as
 suggested by the documentation!)
Make fails, when the server is being compiled. Several thread/sockets related
functions are unknown: shutdown, getsockopt, etc. These functions are not
defined in 

But these functions are defined for most other architectures? Why not for HP? 
Any help appreciated.

Richard van Hees

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        date    : 19-May-99                    time: 14:35:21 MET
        phone   : +31 (0)30 2535715

mysql-3.22.22 on a HP...Richard van Hees19 May