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From:Guy MORDRET Date:April 27 2000 3:36pm
Subject:create database
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hello, and thank you because i'm a biginner.

history :
root_unix>safe_mysqld& (return)
root_unix>mysqld & (return)

jp_unix>mysql -u root mysql (return)
mysql>update user set password=password('xx') where user='root' and

jp_unix>mysqladmin -u root -h localhost reload (return)
jp_unix>mysql -u root -p mysql (return)
                password :.....
mysql>insert into user set host='localhost', user='scott',
password=password('tiger')..... all privs at 'N';
mysql>insert into db set host='localhost', db='skeudenn', user='scott',
...all privs at 'N';
mysql>insert into db set host='localhost', db='skeudenn', user='root',
... all privs at  'Y';
mysql>update user set user='dba' where user='root';
mysql>upadte db set user='dba' where user='roor'; (because I prefer the
word dba).
and now :
jp_unix>mysqladmin create skeudenn (return)
mysqladmin -u root -h localhost create skeudenn
mysqladmin -u dba create skeudenn
nothing works ! : create of 'skedenn' failed, access denied for user :
'@locaklhost' to database 'skeudenn'


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