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From:Douglas Brantz Date:April 26 2000 2:20am
Subject:Software Checkboxes Form?
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I'll stop posting after this one.  Seems my attachment didn't work and besides
I'm probably asking more than I should on this listserve - .
I thought I would just give the address so you can see what I'm trying to do.

how hard is it to create this form so that when you choose a different lab the
boxes appeared checked from a previous selection - Do I need to create another
form to view that information or can I have total control by selecting and
unselecting from this form.  Example, I check the software that is installed
in the selected lab and then click on make link submit button - then I am
still at this form and can start making more selections for the next lab.

Later this information will be pulled from the database and posted on a
webpage for students to find the software they need on campus.



Douglas Brantz wrote:

> Same old Checkbox question:  Just wanted to include a visual of what the
> web form looks like.
> I'll need to grab all the checked checkboxes, software_ids and insert
> them into the links table related to the lab_id - Just wondering what
> the best way to do the database managment will be.
> I thought in the link table I could have
> Link_id   Lab_id  Software_id
> 1                     1        1,2,3
> instead of
> Link_id  Lab_id  Software_id
> 1                1                1
> 2                1                2
> 3                1                3
> Maybe it doesn't matter - but I will have to validate what checkboxes
> are checked when displaying the form and somehow check the lab and
> software tables for any new entries.
> Thanks again,
> Douglas
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