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From:Jose de Leon Date:April 25 2000 6:25pm
Subject:Re: Accessing image files.
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As far as I know, yes.  Use a BLOB datatype which is a BINARY format.  There
are caveats to entering data into a BLOB field.  You must escape special
characters of which they are defined in the manual somewhere.

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Subject: Accessing image files.


I am investigating whether MySql will support image, sound, or encrypted
files in a database field. An example is as follows:

    field1: namefirst
    field2: namelast
    field3: nickname
    field4: age
    field5: addresshome
    field15: imagejpeg
    field16: soundbite
    field17: securebar

I would like to build the database with the files in the table, or maybe
I will need to point to a subtable or relational field or another table.
Please provide some assistance in determining the best uses for your

Jeffrey Maxwell
email: maxwelej@stripped

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