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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 16 1999 8:49pm
Subject:open_files limit?
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>>>>> "Brandon" == Brandon Pulsipher <Brandon@stripped>
> writes:

Brandon> We are running  mysql 3.22.16a-gamma on a Linux 2.2.3 kernel, patched with
Brandon> Alan Cox's ac1 patch.  This allows us to increase the file handle limit.  We
Brandon> have set the limit to several thousand, and increased the table_cache to
Brandon> 1024.  Things seem to be going OK, but when I do a show status, I see this:

Brandon> | Open_tables              | 1023   |
Brandon> | Open_files               | 113    |
Brandon> | Open_streams             | 0      |
Brandon> | Opened_tables            | 7037   |

Brandon> Open_files never gets above about 115.  Is mysql really taking advantage of
Brandon> our improvements on the file handle limit?  If not, how can we make it?

Brandon> Thank you.


I just checked the code for 'open_files':  This correct up to
MY_NFILE;  After this the my_open.c package will not count the number
of open files (everything else will work normal).

If you want, you can increase this at:


#define MY_NFILE       127     /* This is only used to save filenames */

(The structure is only used to save filenames for some error messages
and isn't critical in any way).

As you have open_tables set to 1023, this means that MySQL is using
the given limit.

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