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From:Paul DuBois Date:April 24 2000 11:43am
Subject:Re: MySQL running on Linux
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>Hello All,
>	I have compiled MySQL from tarball source, and the MySQL daemon
>is up and running...I have set a password up for root and I am able to
>access the server if I issue mysql -u root mysql -p and I get prompted
>for the root password, and I type it in, so far so good:
>	I am going to get the ORA MySQL mSQL book since it was just
>released last year (is this a good reference and how-to type book)?
>	One thing I am having trouble with is adding a plain old user
>to MySQL, my username on my box is say 'dogbert', what I would like to
>do is add user dogbert with a password of dogfood, but every combination
>I try fails to add the user to the user table...I take it in order to add
>valid users, you must be root in mysql to do this?  Can someone provide
>an example, and perhaps a good online tutorial as to how to create a
>database with fields, etc?  I have not used SQL type stuff in many years
>so I am extremely rusty (sorry if question is very obvious) :-(

Read chapter 6 in the MySQL Reference Manual for an explanation of
the privilege system and adding users, and chapter 9 for a tutorial.

As for book recommendations, I'll leave that to others. :-)

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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