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From:Douglas Brantz Date:April 22 2000 12:02am
Subject:Getting Query for Checkboxes
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This might be the wrong list for posting this, but I have had great
success here before so I thought someone might know the answer or be
able to help me with a link to the answer.  Here it goes.

I am creating a mysql database with two tables.  I want to be able to
have two different web forms to populate the tables.
The first form will be standard, but the second form I need to be able
to grab a field from the first table with a fetchrow array to create a
list of checkboxes (checked/unchecked) and the data from the first table
next to the checkboxes.  This way the number of checkboxes with data
will grow or shrink depending on the data from the first table.  Does
this make sense?

I have done this before with a drop down menu in a form - where the
selections in the drop down menu are based on data from another table,
but wondered if this was possible to do this with checkboxes and data?
If not can I create a drop down menu that allows multiple selections?

This is for an educational institution and I want the first table to
have computer lab info and the second table will hold software info- one
form per software product and on the (second form) -software form, I
want to have a "where is the software available" area - I thought
checkboxes next to each lab name would be the way to go because its
easier to see, but wasn't sure if I could grab the lab names from the
first form and place checkboxes next to each lab name.  This will be a
CGI-Perl script form.  Maybe a drop down menu with multiple selections
might be easier?  Its a big project for the holiday and any suggestions
- other than get a life would help.

So, basically the admin of the database will enter lab info and then
when they enter the software info they will see a section in the
software form with checkboxes and lab names (supplied by the lab table)
and check each box for the lab that offers that software.

Thanks in advance,


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