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From:Christian Mack Date:May 17 1999 11:31am
Subject:Re: Problems upgarding mySQL on Win32
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Rico Albanese wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am having problems upgrading mySQL on my NT server from the shareware
> eval version to 3.22.21 which we have purchased a licence for.  The
> shareware version was working great.  I simply removed the shareware
> version by uninstalling via Control Panel/Add Remove Programms and then I
> re-installed new version (3.22.21).  When I attempted to start the mySql
> service in SCM, it comes up with an un-expected error 1067.  I have tried
> installing mySQL as a service using mysqld --install and also mysqld-nt
> --install, but I get the same results.
> What am I doing wrong??  I think that I uninstalled the shareware version
> without first removing the entry from the SCM (ie. I didn't run mysqld
> --remove before uninstalling the shareware version).  Is this the cause of
> my problems??
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Rico

Hi Rico

First forget the error message it'S always the same.

I think you are cought by a little bug in 3.22.21.
Don't know if it is fixed in 3.22.22 (will try this later).

The workaround is:
Create a text file "C:\my.cnf" (this is the mysql configuration file).
Add these two lines:

Then install and start mysql again.


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