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From:Paul Chung Date:May 17 1999 4:13pm
Subject:Re: chinese big5?
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Michael Widenius wrote:
> >>>>> "Mike" == Mike Wong <mike@stripped> writes:
> Mike> Hi all
> Mike> I know we can config mysql with chinese big5 code with
> Mike> ./configure --with-charset=CHARSET
> Mike> before compiling.
> Mike> Can we change this encoding after compiling mysql?
> Mike> Because I am using a binary distribution.
> Hi!
> Sorry, not yet; Dynamic character sets are still on the TODO.  (It
> shouldn't however be that hard to fix this, the only problem is lack
> of time...)

Umm... Which part of binary need to replace if
compile from sources?
Just the mysqld or.....
Currently using RPM and know so little ....... and
want to change much....

Paul Chung
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