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From:Harry Brueckner Date:April 18 2000 3:04pm
Subject:Re: ORDER BY problem
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Hi Sinisa,

-- On 18.04.00 17:59 +0300 sinisa@stripped wrote:
> Harry Brueckner writes:
>  > I did this and I get myisamchk reports like
>  >
>  > warning: 1 clients is using or hasn't closed the table properly
>  > and
>  > <table>.MYI is usable but should be fixed.
>  >
> If you use 3.23.14 you can use REPAIR TABLE command to repair tables
> on the run. You should not try to repair tables with myisamchk while
> MySQL server is running, but REPAIR TABLE can be safely used that
> way.
>  > I get this stuff every few hours and its impossible to shutdown the
>  > production server every now and then to repair tables which takes
>  about 30  > minutes.
>  > Where do those problems come from and what can I do to prevent this?
>  >
>  > BTW, I already tried to created the tables with "CHECKSUM=1" but it
>  didnt  > change anything.

> Yes, you should try to find out why is that happening.
I'd love to! :-)

> Please try to locate a command and a table that is corrupted with that
> command or by a combination of them.

Thats kinda hard - the server gets about 100 queries per second.

> If you insist of building it yourself, please advice on the compiler
> used, then compiler and configure option utilized. Last but not least,
> what is your OS, it's version and what are versions of C and thread
> libs.

Its running on a RH 6.1 (Linux 2.1.12) dual Celeron box, the compiler used 
is egcs 2.91.66 and I didnt specify any compiler options with configure.

The libs which mysqld is linked to are:
        libdl 2.1.2
        libnsl 2.1.2
        libcrypt 2.1.2
        libpthread 0.8
        libstdc++-libc6.1-1 2.9.0
        libm 2.1.2
        libc 2.1.2
        ld 2.1.2

Is there anything wrong with this or do I have to upgrade any libraries to 
get it working properly?

Thanks again, Harry

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