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From:Christopher R. Jones Date:April 17 2000 7:31pm
Subject:Re: Question
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I use Solaris 7, intel.  I installed gcc2.95.2 from and
I have no problems building mysql.

>Hello, I'm Mario Flores from Mexico.
>I have some trobbles trying to compile the sources or mysql-3.22.32 in a
intel-pc, with sun solaris 7.0, the first error it comes was the following: 
>checking for restartable system calls... configure: error can not run test
>programs while cross compiling
>And I solved puttin a line in the config.cache file as follow:
>But, when i try to reconfigure it "./configure" I recive this other error: 
>checking whether byte ordering is bigendian... configure: error: can not
run test program while cross compiling
>Please if some1 have some idea ofhow to solve this problem, please e-mail
me, I need this for today or tomorrow, thanks, I'll apreciate any
information about this topic.
>Mario Flores Rodríguez
>e-mail: mflores@stripped
Christopher R. Jones, P.Eng.
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Tel. 416 203-7465
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