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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 16 1999 6:35pm
Subject:Re: mySQL 3.23 - question
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At 10:17 AM +0000 5/16/1999, Kenneth Cobler wrote:
>Michael Widenius wrote:
>> Yes; You can fill your memory with HEAP tables if you like :)
>> >From the (recently updated) MySQL manual:
>> --------
>>      Here is some things you should consider when you use `HEAP' tables:
>>         * You should always use specify `MAX_ROWS' in the `CREATE'
>>           statement to ensure that you accidently use all memory.

To ensure that you accidentally use all memory?  Should this be to
ensure that you *don't* accidentally use all memory?


>> ----------
>> Hope this helps...
>> Regards,
>> Monty
>It appears MySQL 3.23 is out and available, but, when I look on the main
>web site and
>other mirrors, I cannot find a downloadable source package or any
>reference (except
>for a documentation reference).  I've looked in patch directories on ftp
>sites --
>nothing specifically labeled MySQL 3.23.
>So, where does one acquire MySQL 3.23?  (Am I looking in the wrong place ?)

3.23 is imminent but not yet available.  The online manual is updated
as changes are made, so it's typically a little bit ahead of the versions
that have actually been released.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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