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From:Christopher R. Jones Date:April 13 2000 9:07pm
Subject:Re: mysqldump and security
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I did specify a root password as soon as I installed mysql.  There in
nothing in my.cnf to indicate a name and password.

I can enter 
c:\> mysql mysql  #ie don't give root password
mysql> grant all privileges on *.* to anyuser@localhost identified by

and the mysql database would be updated.  

So I can dump any database no mater which mysql user created it.

I tried the same thing on my Linux server and mysqldump complained if I
tried to dump a database without the proper user id and password.

>At 9:00 PM -0400 2000-04-12, Christopher R. Jones wrote:
>>I found that I can use mysqldump --tab=c:\temp mysql to dump all the
>>information about users and priviliges no mater who I am logged onto the NT
>>workstation as.  I would have thought that I would have had to tell
>>mysqldump that I was the root user and give the proper password??
>If you run any of the other MySQL client programs without specifying
>a root user and password, do they let you connect?  Perhaps your C:\my.cnf
>file has a name and password in it.
>Or perhaps you've never specified a password for the root user.
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