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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 15 1999 11:46pm
Subject:Update Low Priority Locking tables
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>>>>> "Vinny" == Vinny Stoessel <xaymaca@stripped> writes:

Vinny> I recently upgraded to mysql 3.22.22
Vinny> on redHat 5.0 kernel Intel linux  2.0.36.
Vinny> I also upgraded to glibc 2.1 and compiled
Vinny> mysql against that. I have not recompiled the
Vinny> kernel yet. MJy question is about updates with low_priority.
Vinny> when I do a proc I sometime see a a table 
Vinny> with a lock even thought the query is updata low_priority.
Vinny> Things work as expected with the inserts. I.e. they 
Vinny> wait for selects to finish before inserting.
Vinny> Do update low_priority queries work differently?

No;  UPDATE should behave exactly like a INSERT.

Next time you see this, could you do a cut and paste of it and post it 
to me?

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