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From:Paul DuBois Date:April 13 2000 5:45pm
Subject:Re: RE: C/C++ Book ...
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At 10:59 AM -0500 04-13-2000, Ed Carp wrote:
>PHILLIPS, CORY H. (JSC-OA) (cory.h.phillips1@stripped) writes:
>>  Take a look at the book "MySQL" published by NewRiders by Paul DuBois.
>>  It has a C API reference in it.
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>>  From: Brian D. McGrew [mailto:brian@stripped]
>>  Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2000 5:24 PM
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>>  Subject: C/C++ Book ...
>>  Does anyone know of a good book that completely covers the C/C++ API in
>>  MySQL?
>Uh, there's always the manual - that's FREE. And AFAIK, it *completely* covers
>the C API...

You mean I left something out of the book?

Anyway, the book has a longish chapter (~50 pages) on the C API and how
to use it, and a reference appendix describing the API data types and
functions.  The appendix is in the same spirit as the C API chapter in
the MySQL Reference Manual.  The chapter is not - it's written in
narrative, tutorial form, showing how to develop several client programs
in terms of the issues you face when doing so and how to deal with

The book isn't free, of course, but the sample code is available online,
and it may prove useful for those trying to figure out how to use the
C API.  It's available at the MySQL Web site:

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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