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From:Sergej Zoubok Date:May 15 1999 7:37pm
Subject:Virtual Server Experience
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Hi all,

As I've mentioned before, I'm having some trouble getting mySQL installed
on a virtual server. Monty and others have been very kind in tracking down
the problem which seems to lie with the way my ISP has it's virtual server
environments set up. Specifically, mysql_install_db wants to use the tmp
directory at the root of the server hosting my virtual server (rather than
the tmp directory nin my own file tree).

I'm trying to get the ISP to help, but in the meantime would like to know
if any of you have had experience getting mySQL working on a virtual
server. Mine uses:

 Linux version 2.0.33 (Redhat)
 Apache 1.3.4 Server

On the chance that one of you has used the same ISP, mine is
They support mSQL but I'm hoping not to go down that road since all my
research marks mySQL as the better database solution.

If it's more approriate, please email me privately.

All the best,


Sergej Zoubok
New York University
Doctoral Candidate
Department of Politics

Virtual Server ExperienceSergej Zoubok15 May